Monday, September 13, 2010

Hot and Cold

You came and then you left. You suddenly came and then you left again. Repeatedly.

What's the point of being wishy-pan?

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Gender isn't Match

Let's take a look at this picture, 2days ago my sister asked me her confusion after she had seen PSB Online Kota Bandung
'What does W mean?' L is Laki-laki, P is Perempuan, so.... does W mean Waria?

Holiday has Passed, School will Come within 17hours!

Waaaaa,wouldn't it be nice if I gift my new class this clock? I think I'll make it by myself someday and my math teacher will give me plus score and turn my attitude-score into A+++++++ hahaha.

Well, talking about time. Holiday is over today, and the day I've been waiting is coming closer, which is tomorrow-within 17hours from now. I don't know whether I have to be glad realizing it or not. Hmmmm actually I'm not ready yet. Sadly,
I guess I'm not ready enough to lift my body up to go to bathroom in the morning. I guess my hands still stiff and probably has forgotten how to write words. I guess my shoulder still much weak to carry my bag, which actually just bring one loose leaf, one pen, handphone, wallet, parfume, and comb. Oh no, zaaar. You can't do that anymore. Twas your past, and your real story of education will begin in a short time. Aaaaargh will I bring all of my thick book which contain thousand, oh I mean hundreds of pages? Big nooooooo, but unfortunately I've to :(

And this is the main reason why I hate to face the school, ya I hate when night comes and my insomnia hits me, lately, I always go into asleep at 5am, after I perform Subuh, or at least at 3am and wake up at 12pm. It was so hard to let my mind into a dream, my eyes were closed, but still I couldn't sleep, until finally I overslept while I was watching MTV Insomnia. I like it no matter how cheesy it is.

I'm still not in the good mood to back to the reality, to my daily life.
Hope today will never ends and tomorrow goes slowly. But I miss y'all class and schoolmate. So......... What should I do? I know I'm unstable.

Friday, July 10, 2009

What Things I Miss the Most

I remember when we sat in a circle, gossiping others, and imagining something very impossible. Well, having a dream isn't wrong at all.

I remember when my chairmate told me, Raihan, and Isal her story of 3days before her mother passed away. It was very touchin and looked alike a serial film on TV, but twas much more interesting. Btw, we sat at the corner and ignored the lesson, and Mrs.E saw red to us.

I remember when my friends, Septi, Illga, and Tono got
-40 on biology daily-exam, and it made me laughed until cry woahahahahaha we guess pupils who got minus is somebody who being red handed when they were cheating haha. But, surprisingly, 1day later, when I was preparing my book in my room, I found my previous exam, and I got -50 hahahha I thought it was positive50, cause I didnt ever suspect that Mrs.S will give minus score!

I remember when we inform the headmaster that Mr.b was being abnormal at class, but when Mrs.E came, he acted normally as though there are not any something wrong happenned, so we couldn't give a proof aaaaargh.
Is he really crazy or just attract people's attention? Fuuuuuuuuuck!

I remember when Mrs.E putted checklist and gave a signature on my LKS in lesson6. Fyi, I didn't do and write anything in lesson6. Yaaaa, anything even for 1 word. Absolutely, I didn't forget to give her my nicest smile hahaha I guess she was in her subconscious mind.

I remember when Mrs.T asked boys to perform Zuhur prayer,and ignored girls so much.
So, do you want the boys to accompany you to go to heaven and drag girls to hell? zzzz.

I remember when I told a lie to Mr.Z. I said that I had a problem with my neck bone, so the doctor didn't give me a permission to do 'senam lantai' anymore. Wow, and it worked successfully. Everybody and especially Mr.Z was worried about my condition, and they asked 'tulang kamu kenapa zaaaar?' Hmmmmm, I think I was too often being liar for this lesson, cause when he asked us to run 4laps, I just ran 2laps and hid behind big trees, cars, and horse. Ooooh, I'm so sorry, siiiiiiiiiiir!
Trust me, they were just my white lies.

I remember when we had a trip to Majalaya and when night came, I watched a hypnosis live-performance, yaaaa it was real, so I can believe hypnosis show on TV that there are not any camera manipulation or acting. Hmm, I still didnt suppose tat my teacher has that cool power.

I remember when we had bbq party at Septi's garden and we also swam together. What a wonderful daaaaaaaaay!

I remember when we (23 people) gathered at HC , we didnt go to school and I said to my father that I should interview someone for school task. Sorry hiks.

I remember when Mrs.H said 'Ah dasar rayuan gombal,ibu mah ga mempan' when Leka said 'Ibu jangan marah,kita sayang ibuuuu' LOL.

I remember when my friend came late to class and he said that he has performed a prayer so he came late. Fyi,he is a christian wkwkwk.

I remember when Mrs.M gave me and Septi standing applause and gave us EXCELLENT on her score paper for showing great Japanesse little conversation. Well, she said that our performance is natural and all out. Oya, almost all of students voted for us for being the top1.

I remember when I asked Mr.R to repeat his words cause I couldnt hear clearly. 'Faktor apa pak?' and he answered, 'Moal beja-beja ah' Shiiiiiiit, actually it doesn't matter if I know his words or not but everybofy was laughing at me.

I remember when Mrs.T gave me inspiration to write a song,cause she has broken our heart hahahaha,

You're such a dried snot
And it makes us wanna puke
Oh every time we see your face
More disgusting than ever

Close to the boys
You always find sensation
To get their attention
With your 'cute' face

So how about the girls?
We're such an invisible thing
We're such a silly stone
But we don't care
Oh yeah we don't even care

You were made from flame
So finally we know
You're not a real human
Have double face
Pretend that you're kind
But your act like chameleon
Can change everytime you want

Don't ever think we're afraid of you!
We can live without you
But you can't
Don't ever think we're the loser!
Just because of your invincible weapon
Have a status as teacher

Oh we can't stand
Oh really we can't handle

Hmm we just waiting
For the impossible miracle
We have no authority
We can't do anything
Just mocking you in our mind
Yeaaah just in our mind

Thanks for being my greatest teacher. Thanks for giving us your best.

Btw,its been 3 weeks and I miss my classmate a lot ;( Cant wait for 13rd July, 1st day of being third grader. Yaaaaaaaaaay!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Executive Class

While others just have ordinary musholla, Sency has the executive class. Haha anyway it would be nice if PVJ has one too, but please dont write executive!